Every business needs clients. Currently, clients are on global, centralized platforms like Google, YouTube, Facebook, App store, Amazon. These platforms create 2 big problems for independent businesses:

  1. Power curve distribution of success: winner takes all = long tail of unmet supply and demand.
  2. High value extraction: high pre-pay and post-pay costs extorted from users.

Our solutions is an open, decentralized advertising platform for the ecosystem of independent businesses and content creators, influencers, publishers, where:

  1. Consumers receive better offers, pay less and have better choices
  2. Content creators monetize relevant content by promoting independent businesses (both online and brick-and-mortar) and specialized, local and niche products and services. They get paid more and have full transparency over success rates and purchases (no attribution problems).
  3. Merchants generate more sales from loyal consumers. They only pay affordable success fees (no up-front or pre-pay costs, no pay per clicks that don’t convert).

BOOM! Is building open-source, blockchain based protocols, smart contracts, tools and plugins for publishers / influencers and merchants that can be used with existing social and publishing platforms and existing online stores and payment systems.